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Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005, 06:20 am
Happiness is...

Title: Happiness is...
Pairing: none
Moment in Time: 5th year
Author: Beah Blue
Rating, Warnings, Spoilers: G, No warnings, Year 5 spoilers
Note: Just a little Sevitus drabble thingie....

Happiness is being alive. He doesn't question it, even if it does fly in the face of reason that he should escape this latest misadventure with only scratches and bruises.

Happiness is that somehow, somehow, his friends have escaped too.

And, yes, that does include Sirius.

Happiness is knowing how much pain and anguish one levitation spell saved him. Regardless of who cast it. Or why.

That's what he keeps in mind as he sits on the edge of a hospital bed, watching but not really seeing the nurse working to repair the spell damage on Hermione's body. Ron is in the next bed, his thrashing stilled to mere restlessness. Luna has been released, and Neville, too. Ginny's mother has taken her home.

When they call him to Dumbledore's office -- and he knows they will -- he knows just what they will tell him.


Always lies.

But he already saw the truth during that brief, agonizing moment of connection, of oneness, with Voldemort's mind.

And, yes, he's happy.

It flies in the face of all reason, but he is happy.

Happiness is having what he's been missing for fourteen long years. Even if it's Snape. Even if no one will ever know but him and Snape and Dumbledore.

And he's miserable, too.




Happiness and misery coexist like two sides of the same coin.

For him, they always have.